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Remembering those in the families of:

The Gerry Barry Family

The Feeley Family

The Johnson Family

John F. & Hannah McCarthy

Leo J. & Kay McLaughlin

James & Roberta Rutledge

The Spiess Family

The Tom & Marti Warren Family

The Wilson Madigan Family

All who have lost a loved one to Covid-19

2021 Memory Tree

Remembering Loved Ones

      AMHERST – Over the holiday season, an eight-foot Fraser Fir generously donated by the Amherst Garden Center was installed across from Moulton’s Market and brightly lit with hundreds of tiny white lights. For a small donation to the Amherst Garden Club Charitable Fund, loved ones who have passed, were remembered and their names are listed below.

      Thanks to the generosity and caring of so many members of the community, the donations will be carefully spent on a cause that is aligned with the mission of the Amherst Garden Club. Recent proceeds went directly to the Amherst Garden Club Scholarship Fund to support individual students attending an institution of higher learning as they studied horticulture, botany, plant science, landscape design, and environmental science.

Jean Anderson, PhD

Mado Elizabeth Baldwin

Fred Barreto

Julie Barreto

Elisabeth Barrett

Bob Barry

Rita Barry

Alison Werner Barton 

Edith Meta Beckett

Robert Osmund Beckett

John Bartram Bement

Samuel Bement

William Barnes Bement

Elaine M. Bennett

Vic Bennison

Helen Calvert Bergman

Barbara Berlack

Sister Mary Bernadette F.S.P.

Harry Biuso

Roxie Biuso

Jeffrey Boczenowski

Raymond F. Bonenfant

Alex Bowers

Linda Bradbury

Daniel Bregger

Edith Bridgewater

Frank Brown

Gene Buckley

Allyn S. Chabot

James Churchill

Arthur & Joan Clarke

Jackson Bryce Clemens

Darel Cooper

Romey Daley

Roger deLongchamp

Jean H. Demers

Donald Dutremble

Donald Elliott

Val Evans

William Falgares

John Ferraro

Elsa & William Finke

Wanda Finke

David Fraser

Nick Geskos

David Gillespie

Margaret Grattan

Janet Head Gustafson

Isabel Hampton

Tom Head

George James Healy

Claire Hooper

Roger Hooper, Sr.

Daniel J. Houde

Katherine S. Houde

Robert F. Houde, Sr.

Myke Huestis

Anne Clarke Hunt

Barbara & Melvin Johnson

Ginny Keough

Rosemary Kleiman

Marie & Otto Krosch

Bennett Kuhnert

Dan Lapoint

Brendan LeBlanc

Cindy Lebretore

Elizabeth Lippe

Ronald Lutz

Jack Malone

Stuart McCornack

Ruth McKinstry

Elisabeth & William Michaelis

Eva Michaelis

Rita Michaelis

Carl Miller

Carter Mock

Francine Moody

Robbie Moody, Jr.

Diana Moore

Ramsay Moore

Harry Pa Neumann, WWII vet

William Richard Park

Tito Pascoal

Wayne Pierson

Roberta Potter

Henry Protzmann

Jean-Paul Provencher

Terry Quinn

Janet Reid

Jordon Reckling

Val Richardson

Billy R. Ridener

Constance A. Ridener

Dr. Cedric Robinson

Nancy Robinson

Mark R. Rutledge

Joshua Savyou

Diana Schroeder

Brendan Shea

AJ & Jean Sikora

Lyndel Simpson

Lynda Lobsitz Smith

Brian Spence

Mark Stebbins

Rachel Steele

Florence Steytler

William Steytler

R. Emerson Sylvester

Nathaniel Gordon Tencza

Samuel Wanger

Eugenia McManigal Ward

Paul H. Wenger

Paul S. Wenger

Patricia Willette

James M. Wingard

Judith Winship

Maureen Ellen Zimmer