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Signs of Spring: Hedgehog with Dandelion by Jules Hazen

Souhegan High School Sends Messages of Love to Local Care Homes

      As part of a state-wide initiative to create artwork to bring messages of hope and connectedness to neighbors in assisted living and healthcare facilities, Souhegan Advisories and Art classes are making digital slide shows of their art work. Souhegan students are contributing both visual and performance art to the cause sponsored by the NH Arts Educators Association. Students are sharing photos of their creative works, which include photography, painting, drawing and three-dimensional art forms, along with links to youtube videos of their own performance art.

      The program is being publicized through the month of May to help relieve some of the vulnerability and loneliness felt by those in assisted living facilities due to the high risk of contracting the corona virus. 

Students are asked to share or make artwork that conveys hope and appreciation for our neighbors who have limited visitors. Students can use color choices, patterns, and images to convey the message. Any student, teacher or group is encouraged to participate by visiting the New Hampshire Art Educators Association website for information about the Art is Love project.

      In addition to creating digital slide shows for long-term care facilities, students, teachers and schools are also encouraged to pick up a blank Art is Love lawn signs to decorate. These will be place outside the windows of care facilities to demonstrate a sense of connectedness and community. 


      In collaboration with the Amherst Police Department the Clark-Wilkins staff, a Teacher Parade was held at Souhegan High School on Tuesday, May 5th from 3:00 to 4:00 for all of Clark-Wilkins students and families to participate in a “reverse parade.”

      Staff was spaced out along the property, using social distancing guidelines, and the police department assisted with traffic. Staff members were wearing masks out of safety, while wearing big smiles and greeting students.with signs of love and caring. 

      Hundreds and hundreds of cars took part in a one hour slow crawl through the SHS roadways with the theme of the day “THANK YOU.”


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(L to R): Coach Sarah Kunyosying, Captain Alec Reitter, Coach Travis Nason, Ari Garnick, Daniel Svendson, Zach Cotter, Nick Giannakopoulos, Amanda Fulton and Coach Dave Jasinski (missing Sam Chistolini)

Souhegan High School Granite State Challenge

      The Souhegan High School Granite State Challenge team made it all the way to the semi-finals, the farthest any team has gone in Souhegan history.  The Granite State Challenge is a quizbowl which starts with 32 NH high school teams and ends with one champion.  Souhegan defeated Londonderry High School and Nashua South High School to compete in the semi-finals against Merrimack High School.  Team members include Captain Alec Reitter, Zach Cotter, Ari Garnick, Amanda Fulton, Nick Giannakopoulos, and Daniel Svendsen, and Sam Chistolini.  Advisors are Dave Jasinski, Sarah Kunyosying and Travis Nason. 

May Update from the Joint Facilities Advisory Committee

      During this time of social distancing, the SAU 39 Joint Facilities Advisory Committee continues to meet regularly through videoconferencing.  We are committed to keeping you informed of our progress and findings. 

      We have begun meeting with the firm Lavallee Brensinger Architects to discuss the most pressing needs in our schools as well as sharing critical information which will assist them in their review. Some of these issues include aging systems requiring costly maintenance, HVAC challenges, outdated science labs, and a varied use of our classrooms resulting in overcrowding of the traditional classroom space. We have provided capital maintenance schedules, virtual building tours, and a number of historical documents as well.

      As you see below, a process timeline document has been created to inform the public of the steps moving forward.  Community input will be an important component as we look to the future of public educational space in Amherst. We are targeting July/August for community feedback sessions.  We will leverage technology to allow residents to provide feedback in many ways while protecting the health and safety of our community.  Please stay tuned to The Amherst Citizen for details as we draw closer.  

      *The Joint Facilities Advisory Committee meeting dates and login information (for virtual meetings) are located on the SAU 39 website