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The Gallery at the Offices at Depot Square

“WINTER SOLSTICE” Celebrates the Powerful Voices of 8 Artists

OPEN HOUSE RECEPTION — COVID STYLE, Friday, December 4th from 2pm to 6pm

ALSO OPEN FOR NIGHT MARKET —— Saturday, December 5th 2pm to 6pm


      PETERBOROUGH, NH ---  Visit the Gallery at the Offices at Depot Square for the Open House of WINTER SOLSTICE Exhibit of 8 New England artists to celebrate their perceptions and visuals of the subjects and emotions that inspire them.  The exhibit will be on display from DECEMBER 4th through FEBRUARY 28th 2021 and will be open for public viewing Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, and on Saturday, from 10 am - 4:00 pm. Several events are scheduled during the exhibit and are free and open to the public (for information on events please follow us on FB or visit,

      At the Opening Reception, Artists will be available to talk with guests about their work, creative methods, use of materials and inspirations.  The Exhibit is at the Gallery in the Offices at Depot Square, next door to Hobbs Jewelers on the third floor (there is an elevator for accessibility). Complimentary refreshments will be served and you will be able to enjoy LIVE MUSIC performed by John Andrews.  A singer-songwriter and electric & acoustic guitarist with the EXP Band and Sage & The Tumbleweeds. 

      Open to the Public and children of all ages welcome. Come and enjoy the Art, the Music and the Refreshments. 

SPECIAL NOTE FOR EVERYONE’S COVID SAFETY… Masks and distancing will be required throughout the event.  Your support and understanding will be most appreciated!

      Here are the 8 artists that have come together to showcase their distinctly unique style and perspective of their inspirations: 


      Starting with STACY-ANN SEARLE, originally from Lowell, Ma, she now calls Nashua home.  Stacy is a landscape artist who uses pen and ink to create detailed drawings in black and white.  Her work is a realist style that captures the subtle details of nature.  Every piece begins by viscerally connecting with the subject and imagining the sound of the babbling of the brook, the wind through the trees, the smell of the dew on blades of grass and the feel of sunlight kissing the leaves. Stacy began her art education at Mass College of Art in Boston and got her BA at University of Lowell.


      A native of New Hampshire, CHRISTINE ANDREWS currently lives in Deering.  Growing up, Christine spent time in the forests observing and developing her  connection to nature.  Her work represents years of experimenting with mediums, honing her skills and finding her voice.  “I am inspired by the patterns I see when looking closely at the natural world.”  Whether creating abstract, landscape or other representational art, Christine looks to find the beauty in color, pattern and texture.  Hiking, snowshoeing, camping and kayaking with her husband and two dogs provide the inspiration for her art.


      Born in Peterborough, LINDA DESSAINT  creates paintings from nature and life.  She works in her studio as well as outside in the natural landscape “en plain air”.  Linda captures the emotion of her art through light and shadows, colors and shapes, thought and instinct.  “My intention is to convey the energy of moment into an experience for everyone”.  She is inspired by the constant change and beauty of the shifting seasons.  In addition to landscapes, Linda enjoys creating figurative works, still life, and pet portraits.


      Explorer of the Monadnock Region, STEVE POPE, brings his around the world photography to Hancock.  Retired Navy Officer and then retired dairy goat farmer, Steve has found a third career in photography.  For the past 15 years, he has captured images to tell a story.  According to Steve, “Photography is literally Drawing with Light!”  His goal is to use light and shadow to create the image and tell the story.  Steve feels that using black and white photography strips away the distraction of color and goes straight tot he essence of these stories.


      MIKE KLINE has called New Hampshire home since 2016, and moved to Peterborough in 2019.  Mike grew up drawing and has been inspired to make art that explores the interface between the outer world and one’s inner world.  He has taught art for 25 years working with students using wood, metal, stone, glass and willow.  Mike’s own work is a sculpture on wall, using various materials to provide depth in the image.  His main focus is with nature and the impact of the world that surrounds us.


      MAUREEN AHERN, originally from Salem, MA, now lives in Dublin, uses luminous color with interference paint and mixed media to create images both energetic and contemplative.  Her work is a contemporary take on traditional, beloved New England themes of land and sea.  The interference paint and use of reflective surfaces cause each painting to change, just as landscape or view of the sea changes throughout the day.  “I want the viewer to feel the effect the shift of cloud or breeze, or the blink of an eye can have on what is real around them.”   

      Originally from Georgia and Alabama, now living in Jaffrey, CAROLE GOURVELLEC is a self-taught artist that began with abstract painting and has since transitioned to mixed media.  Carole uses fabrics, found objects, jewelry to create texture and movement in her pieces.  The themes of her art come from her love of the woods, the beach, the sand and the curiosity of how things work.  “I see light in everything and hope in deep places.”  Carole’s work draws on the lighter side of living and the sheer enjoyment of being in the now.

      From Peterborough, DEBORAH CAMARA has been exploring art throughout her life.  Graduate of U Mass Dartmouth and RISD in graphic design, she has experimented with many mediums and is currently working with eco-printing, a method of treating animal or plant based materials and then using leaves in the natural printing process.  Deborah enjoys creating collagraphs, solar prints and silk screens.  “I am inspired by the variety of materials and the opportunity to work with shapes, flat colors, colored wax to create realistic and abstract images.

      Please come, meet the artists, appreciate the diversity of the art exhibited, enjoy live Music, lovely refreshments and mingle SAFELY with the community of art fans that make Peterborough “one of the BEST towns in the country for ART” as noted by Expedia.   

      The event is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, families welcome.  Ample parking available and always free.  The venue is completely accessible. 

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