Going Undercover for Joshua’s Park

      AMHERST – Joshua’s Park is a real treasure in the Town of Amherst. Used and enjoyed by so many children, parents, grandparents, and gardeners, it is time to make the park even better! Want to be a part?

      Here’s our project: Add shade structures and shade trees to the Park. The Park is open and hot in the summer. So let’s provide shelter and safety from the sun—not to mention cool pods to gather and relax in. The “Undercover Fundraising Team” (aka the fundraising committee) is launching a campaign to raise $20,000, enough to buy and install three shade structures—two in the playground, one by the community garden patio—as well as shade trees, picnic tables, and benches. 

      This will give everyone what so many parents have asked for: A welcome space to rest, enjoy a snack or picnic lunch and socialize safely out of the heat. We’re saving money, too, because the Amherst Recreation Department will build the tables and install the structures for us. We have the eager backing by the Amherst Recreation Department, The Amherst Land Trust and the Amherst Community Foundation.


(L to R): Travis Warren, Amherst Community Foundation President, Sheila Steele, Campaign Chair Sally Wilkins, Craig Fraley, Amherst Recreation Commission

      The Amherst Community Foundation is our fundraising partner. All donations from you to the Foundation will be earmarked for this venture. All funds raised in excess of the goal will go directly towards making more improvements at the Park!

      This is a fantastic chance to get in on making Amherst a better place. Please join us in the excitement. Your donation will help make this need a reality!

MAY 2021