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Parisi is Candidate for Amherst School Board

To the editor:

      My name is Victoria Parisi, and I am excited to run for the one open position on the Amherst School Board. I believe that we can support students, faculty, and community in a way that is educationally exceptional and fiscally responsible. I will bring a balanced and measured voice to the board. I support smart, long term financial planning that will benefit students, the school district, and residents. 

      My husband and I believe that participating in our local community is one of the most vital ways to impact the lives of our children who are in fifth and sixth grades. I have been civically engaged since moving here in 2012 with a focus on the schools. I began my journey as the Staff Appreciation Chair of the Amherst PTA. From there, I bring with me relevant leadership experience as I served four years as the PTA President. I have served three years on the Amherst School District Ways and Means committee and am Chair of the committee this year. Additionally, I am currently serving as the Vice-Chair of the SAU 39 School Board appointed Joint Facilities Advisory Committee and Girl Scout troop leader. My husband serves as Trustee of the Trust Fund, Amherst Ways and Means committee member, and Amherst Historical Society Treasurer. We are committed and honored to be serving Amherst. I am ready to take my experience in town and get to work as a member of the Amherst School Board to represent the local people in our community. 

Clear Performance Indicators

•    Our community deserves clear, straight forward answers regarding the performance and finances of our school district. Our district has work to do in this area.  We have a vision, it is time to align that vision to measurable goals available for all to see.

Excellence for ALL Learners

•    For several years, our district has acknowledged that while we serve learners who are performing below growth targets and help them rise, we aren’t seeing the growth from their mid to top level peers.

•    Amherst draws families to town for our excellent schools, and our standards need to reflect those expectations as we must protect that reputation.

•    We have a dedicated staff of exceptional teachers and faculty with the best interests of the students at the center of all that they do.  It is imperative to maintain an environment that continues to attract and retain the most inspiring teachers.

Budget and Expenses

•    The budget needs to be tight to benefit residents as taxpayers.

•    I believe the facilities have aging systems and repairs that are coming that will cost the taxpayers significant funds year over year, along with a lack of classroom space to fulfill our high standard of education. Now is the time to execute a long-term plan for the future of our students and facilities.


      As with all points of discussion, there are multiple sides to every debate. If elected, I will work diligently to take in information from all parties, research issues, deliberate thoughtfully, and take decisive steps to support what is best for students and residents overall and with a long-term goal in mind.  

      I ask for your support in the way of a vote on June 8th as well as sharing your support for me with others in town. 


Victoria Parisi 


Victoria Parisi – Candidate for the Amherst School Board

To the editor:

      In my mind, there is no one more qualified to fulfill the vacancy on the Amherst School Board than Victoria Parisi.  I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria when she chaired two important educational committees --- the Souhegan 2.0 Subcommittee and the Clark School Exploration Subcommittee.  In both instances, I was struck by the excellent skills that Victoria possesses in both leading a meeting and contributing to the discussion.  Over the last several years, she has also been a member of the Amherst School District Ways and Means Committee; giving her firsthand experience in the development of the budget.  She clearly does her homework and especially values the voices of others in her decision making process. She is thoughtful, smart and cares deeply about the educational system in Amherst.

      I have been in awe of her ability to juggle so many responsibilities both to her family and to the various leadership roles she has taken on in our community. Both the Amherst School Board and the community of Amherst would be hard pressed to find someone more capable and dedicated than Victoria.  Please support Victoria in her run for the Amherst School Board on June 8, 2021.  

Jeanne Ludt


MAY 2021