Amherst Garden Club President Kathy Brundage and Treasurer Maureen Minner meet with John Cochran at Amherst Garden  Center in preparation for the May 15th event, AGC Day at the Garden Center.

Amherst Garden Club is Blooming!

AMHERST – Come visit Amherst Garden Club members on Saturday, May 15 as they tie on garden aprons to sell plants at the Amherst Garden Center on Route 101. It’s a perfect time to purchase vegetable plants, perennials, annuals or shrubs as the nursery will be bursting with plants. This is the club’s biggest fundraiser, raising money that goes back to the town to replace trees, for 11 civic gardens, grants, and scholarships ... 


April Zoom Fun with See Science Center

AMHERST –  Kids ages 6 and up can get their hands deep into science when a See Instructor combines two liquid substances to create our own silly putty. Participants are encouraged to get a little messy ... 


The Beginning of "Vaccine" and the Amherst Physician 

AMHERST – Historian Katrina Holman researches the origins of a vaccine against small-pox – the pandemic of its time and a scourge that lasted for centuries – actually came from cows ...


Facey to Business Administrator

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Lily Smith is a Teen Entrepreneur


AAUW: Part 2 – Civic Engagement Series

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Dave Salvas Rides to Cure Cancer

It has been a very stressful year for all of us, but just imagine what it is like to be stuck in a hospital with CANCER and you can’t see anyone.   READ MORE


ACC Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day is 51 years old and began in 1970, during an era of civic action when citizens from all walks of life held environmental teach-ins.   READ MORE


Virtual Program: Captain Josiah Crosby – April 12th

Does the name Josiah Crosby sound familiar? He led the Amherst Militia at Bunker Hill in 1775, was civic minded and reared a large family.    READ MORE


Baboosic Lake Season Pass

For those who are already tired of cold weather, get a jump start on your summer by buying your Baboosic Lake Beach Pass.    READ MORE


APRIL 2021